Home Improvements

Improvements to the exterior of your home and yard, other than normal planting and landscaping, may be subject to approval by the SCHOA Board of Directors. If you are unsure as to whether a project requires SCHOA approval, please contact the Managing Agent. We ask that you inform the board if you're undertaking projects such as:

  • Excavation, grading or retaining walls (earth moving requires board approval)
  • Fences (some fences require board approval)
  • Alterations to the existing home structure
  • Substantive changes in exterior materials and colors
  • Widening, changes in your driveway or curb cuts (see below)
  • Driveway entrance monuments (see below)
  • Irrigation systems (see here)
  • Generators (see here)

The SCHOA Board of Directors will not approve projects which impinge a neighboring property, or protrude and expand into adjoining common areas.

Driveway entrance monuments, driveway pavers, landscaping, fencing, and similar improvements are a special case, in that they are typically located within the common area right-of-way and utility easement area that exists at the front of each yard. For such improvements to be approved, the homeowner must sign a waiver letter that acknowledges that these improvements are installed at the homeowner’s risk, and that they may be subject to damage or removal as may be needed for utility and street repair. This waiver letter may be received by contacting the Managing Agent.

Copies of plans that are submitted to the Town of Somers, NY for building permit applications should be submitted to the SCHOA for record keeping. In cases which require board approval, homeowners should provide all requisite information  to the Managing Agent prior to an SCHOA Board of Directors meeting, and before work is begun. A written letter of approval must be received before work on the project begins where warranted.