Installation of new irrigation systems must first be approved by the SCHOA Board of Directors. A request for approval of a new system must include a diagram of the proposed system, and data as to the volume of water that the system will consume per minute.

Water volume that is used by an approved irrigation system will not be charged against sewer bills. For this credit to be granted, the system must be inspected and approved by the water system operator.

Details on system requirements and the application procedure are available from the Managing Agent.

Water Use Restrictions: The Somers Chase water system has substantially more capacity than is required by the living needs of all Somers Chase residents. Irrigation systems, however, consume huge volumes of water. If most of the installed systems were operated at the same time, demand could potentially exceed system capacity. Year round restrictions and schedules are therefore imposed on lawn watering and the use of irrigation systems.  Please contact the Managing Agent for the schedule of when you can water your lawn.