The clubhouse may be reserved and used by Somers Chase residents for private social events.

There are two rooms available:

  • An open, general purpose room that includes a small kitchenette. Chairs and folding tables are available for use in this room.
  • A furnished lounge room that is slightly larger than the general purpose room.

These rooms are reserved through the Managing Agent, subject to the following:

  • SCHOA dues must be paid in full.
  • A reservation form along with a pre-paid cleaning fee and a security deposit must be given to the Managing Agent ten business days prior to the event.
  • Clubhouse rooms must be cleared and returned to their pre-event condition.
  • No commercial operations (including classes for fees or demonstrations related to the sale of merchandise or services).
  • All for hire commercial vendors, such as caterers and for hire portable electronic entertainment centers (i.e. trailer video arcade centers) must submit a certificate of insurance that shows evidence of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.
  • The clubhouse operates separately from the pool. Clubhouse guests are not permitted to enter the pool and deck area.

Complete rules and procedures governing the use of this facility and a reservation form may be downloaded from the Owner's portal or obtained from the Managing Agent.