If you are installing a permanent generator, you will need plumbing and electrical permits from the Town of Somers, NY. The SCHOA Board of Directors requests that you submit the following to the Managing Agent so they may better assist you with your project.

  • A plot plan of your lot that shows the proposed location of the generator in relation to your house. All propane tanks that have a total combined gallon content in excess of one hundred (100) gallons should generally be buried.  This location should be shown on the plot plan as well.
  • A specification sheet on the make and model of your generator, or an internet link to this information.
  • All generators should be shielded by landscaping.  We suggest including a list and a diagram of the plants you propose to use to shield the generator from view.
  • You are also encouraged to seek written approval of all neighbors that are contingent to your lot.

All final approvals for the installation of a generator are predicated on the approval from the Town of Somers, NY.  Once the installation is complete, please submit to the Managing Agent a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy that the Town of Somers will issue upon their final inspection.

Should you have any questions please contact the Managing Agent.