Traffic and Parking

Somers Chase residents include many small children, and many families enjoy simply walking through the community. Driving at a reasonable speed is just part of being a good neighbor and a safe driver. Please obey all posted speed limits and traffic signs. The Board has been in touch with the Somers Police Department to report violators.

Some additional general traffic and road guidelines include:

  • Overnight parking on Somers Chase streets is prohibited.
  • There is NO parking on Hallocks Run during the day (Our school bus service depends on the street being clear)
  • Guests vehicles should park in your own driveway.
  • If necessary, a guest may park at the clubhouse parking lot. (Inform the Managing Agent of this to avoid towing.)
  • When snow is expected, do not park on streets day or night to permit snow plowing.
  • Please be considerate of your neighbors in the community. Do not park your vehicle in locations that limit sight lines, restrict traffic or driveway access, at tops of hills or near intersections.

Vehicles in violation of the above rules are subject to being towed at the expense of the vehicle owner.