Association dues are billed monthly. Water and sewer charges are billed quarterly. Payments may be sent by check or paid online. You may elect to receive your invoices electronically.

If you have a question or disagreement with a charge, you should make payment as billed by the due date. A resolution of your question will be considered as quickly as possible. If it is decided that you are entitled to an adjustment or credit, it will appear on your next bill. Payment of the original bill by the due date will prevent late charges from being incurred.

Late Payments for Water and Sewer Charges:

  • Bills due to Somers Chase Water Works & Sewer Works are payable in full upon receipt.
  • Any bill not paid within 35 days of the date of invoice is subject to a $25 late fee. Homeowners will be notified of the penalty and given additional two weeks to pay the bill.
  • If any bill remains unpaid after the two-week grace period, the homeowner will be contacted by telephone by the Managing Agent requesting immediate payment.

Falling further in arrears will result in discontinued services.

  • A notice of “Intent to Discontinue Service” will also be posted on the homeowner’s door.
  • After 72 hours after a Discontinue Service notice is posted, service will be discontinued and a lien placed on the homeowner’s property.
  • Additional fees will be incurred for turning services off and on, as well as legal and procedural fees.

Late Payments for SCHOA Dues

  • SCHOA dues are payable in full as of the first day of each month.
  • Any bill not paid within 35 days of the date of invoice is subject to a $25 late fee. Late fees will accrue for each month that each dues amount remains unpaid.
  • Homeowners in arrears will lose SCHOA privileges.
  • Upon sale of a home, all outstanding SCHOA dues and late fees must be settled before or at closing.

Accounts that are two months or more in arrears may be turned over to a collection agency, and reported to credit reporting services.